UI/UX Design / Development


Design and development of the social network, connecting people with shared real estate goals.

Our main objective was to create an attractive and user-centered interface for real estate online network. Where users can search, connect, share their interesting experiences with just about any real estate goal.

With Investofriends.com, we have effectively simplified the process by making real estate networking simple, accessible, and free to people from all walks of life.


The Goal

Real Estate Social Network is created to eliminate the necessity of spending a lot of time, exploring millions of resources in the look of information, advice or contacts, useful for your specific real estate interest.

Any question or goal you have, the community of like-minded friends with shared real estate goals, will help you to find the right solution on Investorfriend.com.

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Business Analysis

We have analyzed the US real estate market, including various types of players with their specific needs and decision-making factors, as well as diversify the range of services, offered and interested in.

Market research enabled us to provide network, uniting different kinds of US real estate market participants:

  • Real estate investors, looking for partners or new investment opportunities within the US
  • US real estate professionals
  • Individuals of different ages and income levels, interested in diversified real estate services in the US

Basic Features

User Profile Upload profile picture, set occupancy, real estate interests, income level, and other options to help find and connect with fit users.

Find friends matching user interests Search for useful connections easily. Get the list of users with shared real estate goals by using detailed filters.

Content Sharing Get to know up to date real estate news, upcoming events and specials by following friends pages.

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