App UI/UX and Development

Lifetime Goals App

A simple planner to set major goals of your life. Lifetime Goals isn’t just an app, but a technique of planning your life. Humans are limited on time. Understanding this is key to set the major goals of life and concentrate on achieving them.

Lifetime Goals is the plainest app with basic functionality and neat design to focus on your goals, not an app. You can set life goals for whole your life, year, month, or the current week.

Webcreator team designed the app identity and design system. Figma was used to prototype app and draw user interfaces. And React Native to program the app.

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Life Goals App
A simple planner to set major goals of your life.
Life goals application design
Main screen
Easy functionality to focus on your goals. With countdown as a reminder of how many years left to realize the goals of your life.
Done and delete
Swipe a task to the left to set it done or swipe a task to the right to delete it.
Life goals application design
Add new goal
To add a new goal, just click
on the “+” button.
Four periods
Set your Life, Year, Month or
current Week to-do list.
Tha main advantages and features of the life goals application are illustrated when you open it.
Dark mode
Easily swap between dark and
light mode.